Phoenix, Arizona
My obsession with the camera has led me to follow a plethora of different media production outlets. It all started with a camera in hand that led to a hunger for more. Be it photos, videos, or graphics I aim for perfection. I know there is essentially no such thing but that does not stop me from trying to always improve. I love to find unique settings that are the right fit for each assignment. There are so many incredible inspirations in Arizona, my home. I would be lying if I said it didn't influence my work. That being said I have a modern, generally clean look to my work. I sway towards the more bold, eye catching material yet I have respect for the subtle.
‚ÄčAbove all - my greatest satisfaction is the elation of my clients.
A.K.A - jABRONI pINES, & jmpINO pHOTO (Previously Budding Concepts)